Meet the brand



In 2017 Cynthia and Javier, Mexican entrepreneurs, gave life to their dream of creating lifestyle clothing that fits perfectly, looks amazing and can also be enjoyed for a longer period of time.  

Two years later, Annemarie and Ricardo, German entrepreneurs and great friends of our founders fell in love with our brand  and decided to be part of Shefitness®️.  

Unifying the best of both cultures, we were able to elevate design functionality and ethically produce comfortable, high-grade products, with honest prices under the same principle that we began with: bring the product from our tailoring workshop, directly to your home anywhere in the world without the added costs of intermediaries.  



We believe in the beauty of minimalism. We eliminate excesses and keep the essentials. We fuse aesthetics and functionality to conceive long-life garments mostly in pure and soft colors.



Recycled Threads, sun protection, resistance against chlorine and sea water, anti- sweat stain, odor-protect, fabrics that do not lose their shape for at least five years, are just some of the characteristics of each of the garments that we make in Shefitness®️.



We produce ethically and proudly in Mexico, supporting fair trade, and a great labour environment.

At Shefitness®️, each piece is built by the same person from start to finish and signed with the name of the seamstress. In this way, we reconnect those who make our products with those who use them.



We sell exclusively online and ship directly from our tailoring workshop to the door of your home anywhere in the world.  There is no need to pay intermediaries any markup. This means that you get high-quality products for about half the usual retail price.



We want you to love your garment and that it becomes one of your favorites, whether it is for a morning walk, a training session, or even hanging out with friends.